Upgrade Custom Environment

If you company is using a custom fitted environment, adopt it in BD 2017 version and upgrade the software version changes to it as instructed below.

Adopt the Custom Fitted Environment

  1. Install the BD 2017 (23.0) standard version according to instructions.
  2. Copy the customer fitted "custom" and "shared" folders from the BD 2016 (22.0) version over the BD 2017 (23.0) standard version.

    Note: Copy over the folder to get the new files included in the "custom" folder of the standard version in use.

    • Make a copy of the template project folders included in the ../shared/template/projects folder of the BD 2017 (23.0) standard version (copy to C:/temp folder, for example).
    • Copy the "custom" and "shared" folders from the previous version to the BD 2017 (23.0) version.
      Select "Replace original files", when the operating system asks you to.
    • Delete or rename the template project copied from the previous version: for example ../shared/template/projects/TEMPL-BASIC to TEMPL-BASIC_old (if there was one). Rename, if you wish to keep a project or parts of it!
    • Move the template project folders from the C:/temp folder to the \shared\template\projects folder of the BD 2017 (23.0) version.
    • If you know that the ../user/SETUP file has custom fitted settings, copy them from the ../user/SETUP file of the previous version to the ../user/SETUP file of the BD 2017 (23.0) version, if there are any.
      Note: Just copy the settings from one file to the other, do not replace the user\setup file in the new version with the one from the old version.
  3. Enable the system administration functions by setting the keyword in the ../user/SETUP file:
    set.system.menu= 1
  4. Start Vertex BD.
  5. Open your own template projects (if you have any) in the BD 2017 (23.0) version and save them to change the version of the projects.

If you are using a version older than the BD 2016, please contact the support service to ensure that the environment can be copied directly to the BD 2017 environment.

Update Custom Files

Update software version changes to custom fitted files by using the system update function.

Once you have installed the Vertex BD 2017 (23.0) version, and adopted the fitted custom folder from the previous version, do the following:

  1. Select System | Update Custom.
  2. Select the latest version you have used from the Previous update list. If the last version you updated was 2016 (22.0), it is selected by default in the list.
  3. Confirm by clicking OK.
  4. Analysis of the "custom" folder takes a while. Finally, you will see a list of the conducted measures. See details below.

Test the BD 2017 (23.0) version before the deployment and notify the BD helpdesk of the possible faults.

Components to be Updated

The system update function performs the following procedures.

Wall Panel Settings

In version 2017 (23.0), wall panel settings are moved from the system settings (vxsettings.xml) to the component library. The aim is to simplify editing and saving customer-specific settings. A library saved in the system/complibs/wallpanel_sys folder is included in the standard software delivery.

If the system settings have been customer-fitted (the ../custom/vxsettings.xml file exists) so that the keywords related to wall panel settings have been edited, but the customer-specific wall panel setting library does not yet exist, the update function adds a library called walpanel_cst to the ../custom/complibs folder.

After this, you can select either customer-specific settings or the system settings in the Wall Panelizing Settings dialog box.

The functionality will be further developed in the future service packs of the main version. The system administrator will be able to edit the existing settings and save new ones.

Studs Under Trusses

A property Under Trusses can be selected for the wall frame layer tool. This property always adds a frame stud at the location of a truss above the wall. The update function adds a new field UNDER_TRUSSES to the customer-specific framing tool (database WALL_FRM) for this property.

If the form file connected to the database is customer-specific, you must also add the field to this form file, or you can start using the form file in system folder.

Wall Frame Detail in Steel Environment

The update function checks if the customer-specific wall frame detail library (database DET_FRAME) has a detail ST-SIDE-FR. If the detail is not found in the custom folder, it is copied from the database in the system folder.

The function also copies the profiles and clip levels (DET_PROF and DET_CL_LEV) connected to the detail from the system to the custom folder.

Does not affect the wood environments.

Dimension Lines in Panel Drawing

The update function adds a new field VIEW_GEOM to the dimensioning database of panel drawing views (VMEAS_SETUP). When the field's value is 1, and the presentation method of the object is 3D, the dimension line points are searched from the view's geometry. Dimensioning according to the view's geometry dimensions the points that are visible in the drawing. However, dimensioning can not always be done this way, because not all the points of an object to be dimensioned are necessarily visible. For example, the object may be behind another object whose geometry covers the object to be dimensioned.

When the field's value is 0 or empty, the dimension line points are searched from the objects to be dimensioned (default method).

If the form file connected to the database is customer-specific, you must also add the field to this form file, or you can start using the form file in system folder.

File Registers in Template Projects

The update function changes the description field (DESCRIPTION) in the file registers (database FILEREG) of template projects to M type. This change is necessary for supporting Chinese characters.

Building Group Library

The function checks if the building group library (database BLDGMOD_CUSTOM) in the customer-specific component library has the CODE field, and adds it if necessary.

Sweep Operations in Models

The sweep operation of the Vertex G4 modeler has been changed. The update function checks all the model files (*.vxm) in the ../custom/complibs and ../shared/picts folders. If the old sweep operation has been used in the models, the function solves and saves the models. First, a backup is made of the models to the ../user/sweep_backup folder.

The fixed models are listed in the message that opens after the update function has been performed. If there are files that cannot be fixed with this function in the custom or shared folders, they will be listed in the message under the title "Following models have old sweep-features". Such files are models which contain models (models designed with the Vertex G4 modeler have been imported to the model), for example. Open and check these models.

Default Rendering Materials

The function checks the default rendering materials set in the linking database of rendering materials (LWMAP). The materials that cannot be found in the rendering material library are opened in a database view. You can select new materials by clicking the Browser button in the database view.