What's New in Vertex BD 2017



Set Object Visibility

Building components may be visible in multiple drawings and models

For example, beams, columns, and foundations may be visible in both architectural and framing models.




Material List Spreadsheets

Export material lists to spreadsheets using predefined or custom templates





Copy Sub-Options when Copying a House Option



Automatic Out-of-Plane Truss Framing (CFS)

The framing generator is intelligent and similar with in-plane trusses

The shape of truss can be any roof slope shape. Verticals are added where they are needed.

Define your own truss frames with correct profile sizes and rules in truss library and set up your default connections.







Check Truss Framing Strength Instantly

Truss  engineering for Out-of-Plane trusses

Just add the loads for roof and check strength of truss framing.


Support for AU building code and EC 3 with UK NAD (coming soon).