Basic Controls

Keyboard Functions

  Function Shortcut key
View Pan Shift+middle mouse button
  Rotate Shift+left mouse button
  Rotate around view point Shift+Ctrl+left mouse button
  Zoom Shift+right mouse button
  Zoom All A
  Zoom Previous P
  Zoom Extents (Search the drawing/model limits) Shift+A
  Zoom Area to New Window Shift+F
  Refresh (Zoom Extents, Redraw) F5
  Redraw R
  Zoom In F6
  Zoom Out F7
  Remove Hidden Lines Ctrl+H
  Remove hidden lines in the drawing and update the text macros Shift+F5
  Show/hide graphic symbols of geometric constraints F9
Window Activate Tab
  Open New Ctrl+N
  Zoom Area to New Window Shift+F
  Close window, minimize window of drawing-model pair Ctrl+F4
Model presentation Render a model Shift+P
Drawing-model Pair Toggle Between 2D And 3D F2
  Open F4
Project, File New Project Ctrl+N
  Open a Project Ctrl+O
  Save Ctrl+S
  Save File As Ctrl+E
  Browse the Projects in the Project Archive Ctrl+J
Selection All elements, all items on a list Ctrl+A
  The sub branches under a branch in the object tree Ctrl+B
  Click the right mouse button Enter
Working with selected object Copy Insert
  Move Home
  Copy to Clipboard Ctrl+C
  Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V
  Cut to Clipboard Ctrl+X
  Hide from Model H
  Restore Hidden Shift+Ctrl+H
  Delete Delete
Search Line Z
  Point X
  Center Point C
  Intersection S
  To apparent intersection point of two lines (2D) Shift+D
  Middle D
  Surface Shift+M
  Through Surface W
  Grid Points ><
Relative Snap Line Shift+Z
  Point Shift+X
  Intersection Shift+S
  Reset relative offset coordinates = Set Local Origin Q
Locking the Cursor X axis  U
  Y Axis  I
  Z Axis O
  Parallel E
  Perpendicular T
  Plane Normal (3D) N
  Direction of given angle (2D) Shift+G
  Change the direction of the snap point of a locked cursor J
  Release a locked cursor F
Cursor Appearance Coordinate Cursor K
  Crosshair Cursor Shift+H
Rotate element on xy plane 45° Page Up, Page Down
Printing Print the contents of a drawing or model window Ctrl+P
Misc Confirm V
  Undo Ctrl+Z
  Quit Esc
Help Open help F1
  • You can rotate an object by using the keyboard commands when the ../user/SETUP file contains the keyword set.vertex.grouparrowrotate= 2.