What's New in Vertex BD 2018

Framing Tools Usability

Check the status of panels easily. Update, create or open panel drawings for checking by using the new panel drawing tool.

Set panelizing settings for different purposes and use them later on. You can also save project specific settings and use them later on when you return to modify the same project.

IFC export improvements

Enriched IFC export. Type data and other added metadata makes it easier to utilize written IFC data.

Component type and some other basic data is written to IFC file

It's possible to attach predefined property sets for objects

Single Truss Engineering usability (CFS ONLY)

Modify truss frame and check single truss capacity easily and fast. New faster way to work with single truss only after layout is once calculated and checked.

Improved Autocad Compatibility

Make it easy to work with your design partner

Drawings look the same in Autocad and Vertex

New User Experience with Drawings

 Layer System. Fonts. Line Types. Raster images.

 The drawings look similar when opening with another environment.