IFC Export

Geographical coordinates

You can now add geographical coordinates of the site origin for the building. If these coordinates exist, they are written to the IFC file. The default site origin is the same as the building origin. You can define an offset between the site and building origins in geographical coordinates dialog.

Building height from sea level is written to IFC, if it is defined

Building height from sea level is written to IFC, if it is defined.

North direction of the building

Building direction is written to IFC file, if it is defined.

Metadata of common set is written for all objects

Pset_common is a fixed common set in IFC. Vertex now writes the Vertex type of a component, object id and object name to the IFC file.

Support for truss envelopes and truss parts

Truss envelopes and truss frames are written to the IFC now, if they exist and are selected to be written to the IFC export file. Trusses are written in the same way as wall, floor, ceiling and roof panels.

Panels are written to correct floor

Panels are now written to the floor where they exist.

Common Property Sets

Vertex writes the name and type for all components that have a type defined in BD. If a component has material data, it is written for the component. Material is written for example for profiles. It is profile grade. Another example is a panel. It is not possible to write material for a panel itself, but it is written to each panel layer. Common properties and property sets are written for a component, if the selection "IFC standard common property sets" is checked in the IFC export dialog. Read more!

Vertex Property Sets

Some standard Vertex property sets are available. These can be attached to an object in an object library (windows, doors, profiles, sheathing boards, joist hangers). The user can also interactively connect the sets to objects in a building model. Read more!

User Defined Property Sets

You can also create your own properties and add them to an object in a building model. Read more!

You can create a new property set and attach it to an object.

More information is coming soon