Usability Improvements

Saved Browser Settings

The last selected folder and view setting are now saved for each browser and for each user.   These selections will be used when the application is restarted.

Custom Background Colors

Each user can select their own background colors for 2D drawings and 3D models.  You can define a graduated color for 3D model backgrounds by selecting a different color for the top and bottom of the window. 2D drawing backgrounds use one solid color. When drafting elements use the "Default" colors, black elements will be displayed in white when a black background is selected.  Likewise, white elements will be displayed in black when a white background is selected. When specific colors are selected for an element, its color will not change when the background color is changed. Graphics settings are in File menu: File > Preferences > Graphics

Wall, Floor, Ceiling and Roof Interface Improvements

Expanding the width of the dialog box expands the width of the layers and parameters sections, while maintaining the width of the preview sections.  You can also move the horizontal divider between the library tree and the selection list.

These adjustments are saved for each user and will be used when the application is restarted.

Faster Selection Response

Selecting objects in the 2D drawing or 3D model is much faster than earlier versions. Depending on the content and size of the model, the selections can be 30-40 % faster than the previous version of Vertex BD. This acceleration has been achieved by streamlining the response of the model tree.

Collapsing the Model Tree to Improve Speed

Collapsing the branches of the model tree improves the speed of the application.  A new "Collapse All" button is now available at the top of the object tree.

Roof Generator can use beams as a reference structure

If a beam is supporting a roof instead of a wall, you can now select the beam as a reference structure. This quite small change makes it easier and faster to add a roof. You do not need to change the adding mode any more (Add by line / add by reference structure).