Installation Instructions

  1. To download Vertex BD installer package, please contact Vertex Systems or request a free 30-day trial.

  2. Run the installation file that you downloaded

  3. Select installation language
  4. Select installation type (in most cases select the One User button)

  5. Please read the license agreement, then click Yes to accept.
  6. Select the Vxbd250 folder on a local drive as the destination folder.

  7. Select Yes to create a shortcut on your desktop.

  8. Typically license server is not used (click No).

  9. If you do not have a USB Hasp key, you don't need to install HASP drivers. Click no.

  10. Click Next

  11. Click Next on the installation parameters to continue with the installation.

  12. Installation takes 5-15 minutes depending on your hardware configuration.

  13. If you have other Vertex applications installed on your computer, the following three prompts will appear:

  14. Click Finish when completed.

  15. Start up Vertex BD by double clicking on the icon added to your desktop.