Flats are now Sub Projects and other Sub Project tool improvements

Terminology change: Flat is now Sub Project

Sub project is the new term for flats. Sub project is more descriptive as a name of an object type. Sub project can be used for many purposes, also other than flats.

Merge surfaces of sub project when creating elevation drawings

When elevation drawings are created, surfaces can be merged to remove extra lines between modeled structures. Merging now works with the sub projects also, even if they are not extracted to the main project.

Section figures of sub projects

It is possible to import a sub project which contains a sub project to the main project. Project hierarchy can be deep. Earlier, section figures worked only for first level sub projects. Now, they are working regardless of the depth of the project hierarchy.

Check In sub projects to Design Stream

When a user checks in a project to DesignStream, it is also possible to check-in the sub projects at the same time. This makes it easier and faster to return a project with multiple sub projects back to DesignStream when design work is finished.

Sub project are linked to main project when project is checked-in to DesignStream

When a user checks in the main project to DesignStream, sub projects are linked to the main project. The project structure is now visible also in DesignStream interface.

Quantity of sub project is written to DesignStream

A sub project may be added multiple times in the main project. The quantity of the sub project is written to DesignStream when the main project is checked-in to DesignStream. The quantity of the sub project is visible in DesignStream.