Framing Tools Improvements

Reload framing tool from the library

You may have changed parameters of the framing tool in the library. You can now easily read the new settings from the library to the selected structure. Reload also updates missing fields.

Update framing tool

When the format of a framing tool is changed and you need to take it in use without overwriting existing parameters, you can use the new feature "Load missing field from library". This is needed when Vertex has added some new features to the framing tool and you would like to use them, but not update existing parameters of the framing tool of the object you are editing, for example.

Framing tools of the walls are updated when wall is added

The wall framing tools are automatically updated when the wall is added to the building model in version 2019. When a framing tool is connected to a wall layer in the wall library, the data is saved at that moment to the desired wall layer. If the framing tool is modified later on, it is not automatically updated to the wall library. Earlier, walls were using the data from the wall library for framing tools, not the original data from the framing tool library. Now, framing tools are added automatically, when a wall is added.