Profile, Profile Joints and Panel Accessories

Select specific profile much faster than earlier

You can now select profiles more precisely than earlier. Use profile parameters for common profiles or truss and panel members to filter selection of the profile. If you want to select all similar top chords, for example, open selection filter and fill in selection parameters. You can also pick up properties from an existing profile by pressing Select button in the dialog box and selecting a profile from the building.

Profile end bevel in I-beam joint

You can now add a bevel in the end of a profile as a parameter of the I-beam joint. It makes adding a bevel easier if it is needed. Manual changes afterwards are not needed any more.

Support between pieces in profile joint

A new joint type is available to add support to the top of profiles when profiles are cut above the main beam.

K-brace with extra blocking

Different kind of bracings are often used in racking walls of cold formed steel structures. When studs are C-profiles and tracks are U-profiles K-bracing requires extra horizontal blocking piece in middle of the panel. New tool is now available in Panel Accessories browser. You don't need to modify any more structures manually, if you are using C-U structures.

Screw connection between panels

Direct screw connection is needed to connect panels for engineering purposes. Panel may be above trusses and they may transfer loads from roof surface or other structures to the cold formed steel trusses. Screw connection between panels are needed to solve load transfer through the panels to structures below. If panels are not connected, load transfer calculation can be performed.