Generate Frameline Drawings

We have newly developed parametric connections for Hotrolled steel profiles.  This article will show you how create a drawing for the whole structure.

This article uses a pre-added Hot-rolled column and beam structure with all connections added previously.

  1. In 2d, hold down CTRL and select the profiles that form the structure.

  2. Click into the Build Beams  menu from the automatically activated Profile tab in the ribbon.

  3. Select the Frame Line  command from this menu.

  4. Now define a view direction, picking a start and end point.

  5. Select a place for the frame line label.

  6. Click the label and then click into Open Drawing menu from the automatically activated Panel tab in the ribbon

  7. Now click the Create Panel Drawing  command.

  8. The Panel Template Drawings window will open.

  9. Choose the Wall Frame Line A4 template and click OK.

  10. The drawings will be generated.