Installation and Upgrade

Sites for Downloading and Upgrading Vertex CAD Software

  • When the Vertex software can be installed or updated, you will receive an email message which includes the internet address where you can download the installation and upgrade packages.
  • Depending on the application, the message is sent from, or
  • When you use the link in the email, you do not need a user name or password.
  • The message is sent to the person that has been marked as the Technical contact person in the customer register of Vertex Systems Oy.

Service Packs

General Information

If previous software versions have been installed on your computer, the installation programs asks what you would like to do:

  • Select installation, if you wish to install a new program.
  • Select update, if you wish to update the program.

If you are installing or upgrading a new version that will replace the old one, please make sure that the previous Vertex CAD version is not running!

Installation Options

One User Installation

  • One user is an installation in which the software is installed to a single workstation.
  • The software is used only on the workstation in question.
    • This is a typical situation if the customer has only one license and one designer.
    • One user installation is needed alongside a network server installation, if the designer uses a laptop on business trips and thus is not connected to the local network.

Network Server Installation

  • Network server installation is an installation in which all workstation license users use the common software environment on the network server. 
    • For the program to run as fast as possible, all workstations need to be connected to the local network.
  • The created documents are instantly available to all designers.