Upgrading File Server Installation

These instructions cover the main version upgrade from 2019 (25.0) to 2020 (26.0) of a Vertex CAD program installed on a file server.

Note: Are you upgrading across multiple versions? Or do you want to keep the previous version in use just in case?

In these cases, install a fresh new version. See the instructions Upgrading Across Multiple Versions.

Backup Files

In general, the normal upgrade routine replaces only the system folder. It does not touch the user’s data storage (models, libraries and databases) in shared folder, nor the user’s environment files in custom folder. Nevertheless, we recommend that you make a full backup copy of your system before upgrading it. This can be done by copying the main folder of Vertex G4 with its sub directories to another location on the disc or on a network server.

Vertex’s main folder, for example:

  • C:\vxg4 (Vertex G4 - one user installation in the root of the C drive)
  • D:\vertex\vxbd (Vertex BD - one user installation in the vertex folder of the D drive)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4plant_srv (Vertex G4 Plant - file server installation)

Preparing for Upgrade

You have received an email message about the program’s main version upgrade.

  • The message has been sent from the address order@vertex.fi, or depending on the application from the address helpdesk@vertex.fi, bdhelp@vertex.fi or indhelp@vertex.fi.
  • The message has been sent to the person that has been marked as the Technical contact person in the customer register of Vertex Systems Oy.
  • The message has a download link for the program’s protection file (LICENSE.TXT) and possibly also the protection file lt_llist for the license server.

Downloading the installation package:

  • Follow the instructions you have received to download the installation package, and save it to the C:\TEMP folder, for example.
  • Extract the compressed file as follows, for example: select the file and Extract All... from the right-click menu.

Downloading the protection file:

  • The protection file is not needed, if you use a NetVID license.
  • The download link is of the format: http://support.vertex.fi/lic/XXXYYYZZZ/LICENSE.ZIP.
  • Extract the zip file to access the protection file LICENSE.TXT or lt_llist. Save the file to C:\temp, for example, to wait until the upgrade program asks for it.
  • If you received the file lt_llist, make sure it has no file extension.
    • The lt_llist is related to the older version of Vertex license server.

If you upgrade the program directly on the server, or on the same workstation from which you installed the file server originally, the installation program finds the installation and suggests the upgrade.

Installation path of the workstations

The upgrade program asks for the installation path of the workstations and always suggests C:\vx[..], where [..] is the application-dependent character string (for example C:\vxg4, C:\vxbd, C:\vxg4plant, C:\vxed etc.).

  • This is often not the correct path.
  • You can check the correct path from one of the workstations, or you can view the file
    and check the keyword path= .
  • For example: D:\vertex\vxg4\

If a local license server is used

The upgrade program asks for the license server and the port number.

This information can be found in the file
from the keyword lserver= 

  • For example:
    lserver= "SERVER:2003"

Performing the Upgrade (to the Server)

Start the upgrade

  • Double-click the installation program install.exe in the installation package.
  • Confirm the installation (if Windows requires it).
  • Select the language (Finnish or English).

Select the language

  • Select the same language that was used when the program was installed earlier.
  • Please note, that there are separate upgrade packages for Finnish and English, for example.

Select Vertex Servers

  • The network user license is linked to the server installation, so the server must be installed first.
  • The network user license is automatically upgraded after the server is upgraded.

Select Network Server

Select Update from version

  • Note: If this question does not come up, but the program only proposes installation, then stop the upgrade.
  • In this case, you must find the computer from which the server was installed, or:
  • Upgrade according to the instructions Upgrade Across Multiple Versions.

This question only comes up if Network Server installations can be found on the computer (the installation was done on this computer even if the server is somewhere else).

Accept the license agreement

Accept the data collection agreement

The program sends user information to Vertex Systems Oy during the use of the program.

  • This data is used for verifying the software license (NetVID license).
  • The data is also used for improving the software quality and user experience.
  • This data contains but is not limited to IP address and certain unique identifiers for your system.

The installation program asks if you would like to use a license server

  • Select No, if you use NetVID licenses.
  • Select No, if you use HASP modules and LICENSE.TXT protection files on workstations.
  • Select Yes, if you use the License Server.

License Server is used: enter the License Server information

  • Enter the name of the computer workings as the server and the port number.

This information can be found in the file
from the keyword lserver=  

  • For example:
    lserver= "SERVER:2003"

License Server is not used

  • Skip this step, if you use a NetVID license.
  • Enter the location of the protection file LICENSE.TXT, if you use workstation-specific HASP protection modules.
    If necessary, you can later save the LICENSE.TXT file in the user folder of the Vertex installation on the file server, for example:
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4_srv\user (Vertex G4 Mechanical Engineering)
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxbd_srv\user (Vertex BD Building Design)
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxed_srv\user (Vertex ED Electrical Design)
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4plant_srv\user (Vertex G4 Plant and Piping Design)

This only applies to HASP protected workstations. If all licenses are shared from the license server, skip this step.

  • Enter or Browse to the folder of the license file LICENSE.TXT. For example, C:\Temp.
  • Click Next.

If the protection file LICENSE.TXT cannot be found in the folder you entered, enter or browse to the folder again.

You can also skip this step and copy the LICENSE.TXT file to the folder vxg4_srv/user on the server after the upgrade.

Enter the installation path of the workstations

  • First, check the installation path of the workstations from the previous installations.
  • Accept (or enter) the installation path on the workstations.
    Default: C:\vx[..]\ (where the character string [..] describes the application)

An example of the folder path of a workstation license:

  • C:\vxg4 (default folder of Vertex G4)
  • D:\vertex\vxg4plant (Vertex G4 Plant on the D drive in the folder vertex\vxg4plant)
  • C:\cad\vxed (Vertex ED on the drive C in the folder cad\vxed)
  • C:\2600\vxbd (Vertex BD on the C drive in the folder 2600\vxbd)

Check and accept the installation data

  • The program shows the installation data, including the installation directory, selected language and the license server (if it was selected).
  • Click Next.
  • The installation starts and the program notifies you:

Upgrading the server

  • You can follow the installation of the program from the Hidden Console (DOS) window.
  • The program extracts the 7z / zip files required for the upgrade within the installation package.
  • The program uninstalls Vertex.
  • Here, the program removes the vxg4_srv/system folder, but leaves the vxg4_srv/shared, vxg4_srv/custom and vxg4_srv/user folders intact.
  • After this, the program adds setup values to Windows registries.

The program tells you that the installation is finished

  • Confirm by clicking Finish.

Upgrading the workstations

Incorrect method

Do not use the command file vxg4_srv\Client_Install\client.bat on the server to upgrade the workstations.

If you try to install the program using the command file vxg4_srv\Client_Install\client.bat on the server instead of upgrading, you will receive the following error message.

  • You can empty the installation folder on the workstation, and then install the workstation license with the client.bat command file, but then you will lose all your settings, backups and browser favorites that are stored on your workstation.

Start the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon as usual

  • Go to the workstation.
  • Start Vertex G4 by double-clicking the shortcut icon.
  • Antivirus program may warn you that a network.bat command file is being executed. Click Run.

  • You may receive another warning.
  • Click Yes.
  • If the execution stops here, it may be caused by inadequate user permissions. In this case, you should ask your system administrator with sufficient permissions to perform the operation.
  • The program modifies the system variables.

The program tells you that the installation is finished

  • Finally, the program tells you that the installation (upgrade) is finished.
  • Click Finish.
  • Start the program. The start up will now take some time as the program copies the necessary files from system/programs64 folder on the server to the system/programs64 folder on the workstation.