Library Browsers 2020

Use Multiple Browsers and Pin Them on Screen

When working on a building model or drawing, you can leave multiple browsers on the screen. Now, in addition to your favorites, you can open your browser from the desired branch and leave it on the screen for the next time. The location of the browser and the opened branch is stored for each browser. A designer often uses more than one screen. Especially then, leaving browsers on the screen makes sense and speeds up design.

You can pin open browsers on the screen

Click the pin in the top right corner.

You can open a new browser from your browser

Select the browser folder from which you want to open the new browser and click Open New Browser. The new browser is a copy of the original browser and it opens as pinned.

You can navigate to the folders you want in browsers and the program remembers the location and settings of each browser.

Hide and open browsers

When you start Vertex BD, you can easily open browsers by pressing the B key. You can also open browsers from the list in the Browsers group on the View tab. When browsers are not open, you can select Open Browsers from the menu.

You can also see all open and saved browsers in the menu. You can open hidden browsers by selecting the Open Browsers function. When browsers are opened, functions Hide Browsers and Close Browsers are available in the menu. If you only want to close a specific browser, click the Close button in the upright corner. The browser is closed and removed from the saved browsers.

History and Settings

Browsers now also have history

You can easily find the latest components or connections that you have added in your History folder. History is enabled by default in the new version. You can disable it in the browser settings, if necessary.

You can control items in history, for example remove single items.

Configure the browser view

You can now control certain browser settings. For example, if you do not need History or Favorites folders in your browser, you can clear them in your browser settings.

Settings are browser-specific, so you can hide Favorites in one browser and History in another browser, for example.

Browser Favorites for Powerful Search Capabilities

Create company-level default favorites

If you want to create default favorites for your browsers at the enterprise level, you can do this by copying the browsers/browser_favorites.xml file in the user folder of the exemplary user to the shared/setup or custom/setup folder on the server.

  • If the file is in both folders, it is primarily read from the shared/setup folder.
  • If the file is found in neither folders, the program will still scan the system/setup folder (which might contain the favorites created by the software supplier).

You can retrieve the default favorites from the server

Even if you have already defined your own favorites, you can also retrieve the favorites stored on the server or your local installation (shared/setup or custom/setup folder)

  • Click Edit Settings .
  • Select Default Favorites. (This option is not visible if default favorites are not saved.)

  • You cannot add items to default favorites.
  • However, you can copy items from default favorites to your favorites.
  • If you no longer need default favorites, clear the option in the settings.

You can import your colleague's favorites

If your colleague has collected items (models, components, symbols, etc.) that you would like to use in your Favorites folder, you can import them by using the contextual function Import From File.

  • Find and select the file browser_favorites.xml.

The Rendering Materials browser has favorites, history, and settings

You can see the rendering materials you use in the browser's History folder. You can also add the desired rendering materials to your browser's favorites.

  • This will speed up the selection of your rendering material.

Note that rendering materials in which you have to select the material type and color separately do not save the color in history.

  • Such rendering materials are paints.