Truss Engineering 2020

Engineering View

There is now an engineering view available. Engineering view shows only parts that are relevant from the engineering point of view, like bearing structures, frames, roof as transparent. This makes it easy to see the bearing structures and find possible problems with bearing members.

Tolerance setting to find bearing

Structural Calculation automatically recognizes support structures based on the characteristics of the parts / structures and geometry. The user can change the project specific default tolerance in the Connection model dialog. 

Check bearing members of selected structure

It's now possible to check the bearing members of a selected piece or structure.

Don’t force connections on trusses for engineering to complete the first stage

Missing connections no longer block the engineering calculation process. If a connection is missing, that member is disabled in member check.

Colour symbol in model tree indicates engineering status of the truss

You can now see in the model tree which members have passed and which have not. A green symbol means the truss has passed. Yellow means the truss has been passed earlier (most likely OK), but that some modifications have been made to the model since engineering was run, that could affect the truss. You need to run member design once more to update the status. Red means that the truss has failed.

Single Truss State

Solving in single truss state is quicker

Checking the capacity in single truss state is about 30 % faster than earlier. Changes are mainly internal code factoring issues. As a user, you can see that the solving process is faster.

Stress index as a gradient colour

Stress index is now shown in gradient colours within single truss engineering. This makes it easier to see critical points in the truss structure.

Select if warnings are shown or not after solving

You can now select if the warning dialog is shown after solving in single truss state. If you are just doing a quick check, you may not like to see warnings every time.