File Server Installation

These instructions cover the installation of Vertex CAD version 2021 (27.0) to a file server.

Installation Package and Software License

  1. Follow the instructions you have received to download the installation package, and save it to the C:\TEMP folder, for example.

  2. Extract the compressed file as follows, for example: select the file and Extract All... from the right-click menu.

  3. If a license server is included in the agreement, install it first. See Installing a License Server.
  4. Start the installation or update by double-clicking the installation program install.exe in the extracted folder.
  5. Make sure you know the protection method of the software and have the required license. Licensing methods are:
    • Activation code for the license (NetVID license)
    • License file (HASP protection module)
    • Local license server (you will need the name of the computer working as the license server and the number of the port using the license service)
    • You will find out the computer’s identification code (Virtual ID) only when you try to start the Vertex program after the installation.

Proactive Steps on the File Server

Installation on a server requires administration permissions. If your IT support is outsourced, ask for IT support to create and share a folder as described below, and to be present or give access with sufficient permissions to the installer for installing the Vertex CAD programs.

  • Create a folder on the file server, for example vertex. The actual programs will be installed in this folder.
  • Share this folder.
  • Make sure that the workstations using the Vertex CAD programs can view this shared folder.
  • Furthermore, make sure that the workstations can write, edit and delete files from this folder.

Installation Progress on the Server

Start the installation

  • Double-click the installation program install.exe in the installation package.
  • Confirm the installation (if Windows requires it).

Select the installation language

  • The options are Finnish and English.
  • However, the installation package solves the language of the installed program, for example directory structure and the names of library components.

Select Vertex Servers

Select Network Server

Accept the license agreement

Accept the data collection agreement

The program sends user information to Vertex Systems Oy during the use of the program.

  • This data is used for verifying the software license (NetVID license).
  • The data is also used for improving the software quality and user experience.
  • This data contains but is not limited to IP address and certain unique identifiers for your system.

Version to be updated

This question is not asked, if a previous version of Vertex CAD software has not been installed on the server.

If the installation program asks for the version to be updated, select either of the following:

  • Select New installation, if you wish to install a new program.
  • Select Update from version, if you wish to update the previous main version of the program to a new main version.

Vertex BD user:

Always select New installation.

Change the default installation path

  • The default folder C:\vx[..]_srv is not correct.
    • [..] describes the application, for example g4, bd, ed, etc.
  • Change the installation folder by clicking Browse.

The program is installed in the shared folder on the server. The last folder in the path should be named according to the application. For example:

  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4_srv (Vertex G4 Mechanical Engineering)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4plant_srv (Vertex G4 Plant and Piping Design)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxed_srv (Vertex ED Electrical Design)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxbd_srv (Vertex BD Building Design)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\indpro_srv (Vertex InD Kitchen Design)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxhd_srv (Vertex HD Hydraulics Design)
  • \\SERVER\vertex\vxpi_srv (Vertex PI Piping and Instrumentation Design as an independent installation - usually it is an add-on option in Vertex G4 or Vertex G4 Plant)


Allowed characters in the installation path are alphabets (a-z, A-Z), numbers 0-9 and underscore (_).

When you change the installation folder:

  • Select the shared folder (for example vertex) on the file server (for example \\SERVER) and after that, type the main folder of Vertex CAD application that the program suggested as the installation folder in the beginning (vxg4_srv, vxbd_srv, vxed_srv, vxg4plant_srv etc.)

As you changed the installation path, the program prompts you to take down the installation path:

If you perform the server installation from a workstation, you receive the adjacent message

In this case, the registry entries related to the installation are made on the workstation, although all the files related to the file server are installed on the server.

  • As a result of such installation, the upgrade of Vertex’s main version must be performed from the same workstation as it was installed.

We recommend to perform the server installation always on the server, if possible.

The installation program asks if you would like to use a license server

  • Select No, if you use NetVID licenses.
  • Select No, if you use HASP modules and LICENSE.TXT protection files on workstations.
  • Select Yes, if you use the License Server.

License Server is used: Enter the License Server information

  • Enter the name of the computer workings as the server.
  • Accept the port number 2003.
    • This default is usually acceptable. It is acceptable unless the port is in some other use.
    • The port number is chosen when the license service is installed (before installing this program).

License Server is not used

  • Skip this step, if you use a NetVID license.
  • Enter the location of the protection file LICENSE.TXT, if you use workstation-specific HASP protection modules.
    • If necessary, you can later save the LICENSE.TXT file in the user folder of the Vertex installation on the file server, for example:
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4_srv\user (Vertex G4 Mechanical Engineering)
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxbd_srv\user (Vertex BD Building Design)
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxed_srv\user (Vertex ED Electrical Design)
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4plant_srv\user (Vertex G4 Plant and Piping Design)

Note: If the program does not ask for the license file (and the license server is not used), the license file is included in the installation package.

  • This is no longer a common practice.

Check the installation data

  • The program shows the installation folder and the language of the software package, as well as the license server data (if license server is used).

Enter the installation path of the program on the workstations

  • The program suggests C:\vx[..]\ as the installation path on the workstations (where the character string [..] describes the application)
  • Accept it or enter another path.
  • Click Next to confirm the installation.

Please note, that if the workstation (a laptop) already has a local Vertex installation in path C:\vx[..], enter a path that is not conflicting with the existing installations.

An example of the folder path of a workstation license:

  • C:\vxg4 (default folder of Vertex G4)
  • D:\vertex\vxg4plant (Vertex G4 Plant on the D drive in the folder vertex\vxg4plant)
  • C:\cad\vxed (Vertex ED on the drive C in the folder cad\vxed)
  • C:\2600\vxbd (Vertex BD on the C drive in the folder 2600\vxbd)

The program shows the duration of the installation.

You can follow the progress of the installation from the Hidden Console opened in the background.

The program tells you that the installation is finished

  • Confirm by clicking Finish.

Installing the Workstation Licenses

Installing with the client.bat on the server

  • On the workstation, run the client.bat in the server's installation folder.
  • The client.bat command file is located in the Client_install folder of the Vertex CAD program, for example:
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxg4_srv\Client_Install\client.bat
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxbd_srv\Client_Install\client.bat
    • \\SERVER\vertex\vxed_srv\Client_Install\client.bat

The program asks you to confirm that you want to run the installation.

  • You must have permissions to install the program in the folder defined by the installation program.

Installing the HASP driver

  • If the license server is the licensing method, this question is not prompted.
  • If you are using a HASP module, and this is the first time Vertex is installed on this computer, select Yes.
  • If you are using a NetVID license, select No.
  • If you are using a HASP module, and Vertex has been previously installed on the computer, select No.

    • The driver has already been installed earlier and you do not have to reinstall it.

  • See the installation of the HASP driver on the page Licensing Methods of Vertex CAD Software in section Protection Module...

Associating the Vertex files with this installation

  • If the Vertex file extensions (.vxp, .vxm, .vxz) have already been associated to a Vertex software, the installation program asks if you would like to change the association to the software now being installed.
  • If you are installing the latest version of the same software, select Yes.
  • If you are using different Vertex applications (for example BD and G4), select the association according to the application you mainly use.

The program tells you that the installation is finished

  • Confirm by clicking Finish.
  • The program has created a shortcut icon on your desktop and an empty installation folder.

Start the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon.

The first start up will take some time as the program copies the necessary files from the server to the local installation folder, for example:

  • D:\vertex\vxg4\system\programs64 and
  • D:\vertex\vxg4\system\user