New Graphic Engine 2021

New Graphic Engine

The performance of the 3D model jumps to a whole new level

The new graphics engine takes the performance of the 3D model to a new level. It is based on DirectX technology. The geometry processing is better optimized and the new engine takes advantage of the graphics card's features much more efficiently.

What are the benefits of a new graphics engine?

  • Large models rotate and zoom more than 10x faster1
  • The transition to the model is up to 50 faster than before2
  • The new graphics engine makes efficient use of the graphics card's features.
    • You get value for your money if you invest in the performance of your graphics card.
    • Gaming graphics cards are 50x faster than before.3
    • DirectX technology enables better performance of gaming graphics cards in handling 3D models.
    • On mobile workstations, the rotation and processing of the 3D model was on average 9x faster.4


New graphic settings

You can change the settings:

  • File > Preferences > Graphics

Selected part transparency

The selected part is drawn in blue so that its own outlines are drawn. The selected parts are highlighted.

  • You can use the slider to adjust the transparency.
  • The default is 0%.


This setting is used to adjusts the drawing of sharp edge lines

  • The softer the edge line, the more grayscale is used to draw the line. At the same time, the computational resource required to draw the line increases.
  • The default is 4

Shadow strength

You can adjust the darkness of the shadow to suit your needs.

Curve density

This setting affects the accuracy of drawing curves and curves. This is hardly visible to the user in BD's 3D models. However, the accuracy of the setting can affect the performance of models that have a lot of profile features made with curves. This might be the case with CFS profiles. In environments that are primarily used for wood frame design, the default setting for profiles is "All Machining". Then the machining operations are drawn in real shapes and there are few curves. This setting has no effect on 2D drawing.

Background color

You can specify a background color as a gradient for the 3D model. The top edge and bottom color can be given separately. The color of the sketch is affected in G4 modeling. G4 modeller is used modelling of library components for example.  You can also change the background color of the drawing.

You can also use environment image as a background instead of color in 3D. It is defined in the visualization menu.

Edges, textures and surface filling of the cutting surface

You can use the switches to specify whether you want to display edge lines and textures. When the model is cut, a surface can be drawn on the cutting surface. If the surface is not drawn, the cutting surface is "hollow".

Drawing the reference geometry in grayscale is related to editing the model with G4.

Adjust the color of the edge line in wireframe mode

You can now adjust the color of the wireframe presentation. In the past, color came programmatically separately on a light and dark background. If you select a color for the wireframe presentation, all lines will be the same color in wireframe mode.