Create and edit study

Active study

Multiple studies can be created to a single 3d model. Every study contains a single FEM analysis model which can be solved. One study can be active at a time. All commands that are done in FEA state are directed to the active study.

One study defines

  • Parts included in analysis
  • Supports
  • Loads
  • Mesh settings

Create study

  1. Select parts and press New study.
  2. Fill study information.
  3. Select OK.

Set the direction of gravity and gravitational acceleration if needed.

Study information can be edited later from study tree.

Manage studies in study tree

  • Browse all studies of open 3d model.
  • Activate study by double clicking it.
  • Select supports or loads of active study in the same way as from 3d model.
  • Select all supports or loads of active study by selecting  Supports or  Loads branch.

Commands in the contextual menu of study:

  • Solve study
  • Select parts included in study
  • Copy study
  • Edit study information
  • Delete study