Wall panel with wind load and truss support reactions

This example shows how to define wind load and truss support reactions for a wall panel. The basic procedures of wall pane can be checked from the Window Lintel example.

Define load area 

Select Area load in Loads menu.

Select border profiles for the area load. In this case the top and bottom chords are selected. The area load will be generated between border profiles.

Define area loads

Area loads can be defined after the load area is created. Several loads can be set for one area.

Tool select all main parts from the study and divide area loads for them. Part selection can be re-defined using Parts button - in this example loads are divided only for the studs.

Area loads are converted into line loads for the selected parts and work as line loads in FEA study.

Add Truss Support Reactions to the FEA model

Truss support reactions for each load types can be added to the FEA model using Support Reactions function in the ribbon menu.