What's New in Vertex G4 2017

Handle Assemblies Faster

Now, the constraits between the parts are given directly by clicking the surfaces, lines or points of parts. Selection of a part is no longer required.

 The program highlights the unconstrained (=free) parts and parts associated to them. The degrees of freedom are informed in the tip-text. 


You can start designing the assembly construction more flexibly than earlier, because you can move the parts of the assembly level to another level.

New Solution Tools for Assemblies

Now you can deactivate the constraints of assembly, until the assembly is resolved.

You can adjust solution tolerances of assembly, so that "a loosely modelled imported parts" behave correctly.



Structural Analysis - A New Option: FEA for Beams and Frames

Beam and column strength analysis of structures is now available.

Completely Remodelled Option: FEA for Solids and Assemblies 





Software Illustrates Constraint Requirements and Adds Constraints Automatically


There are several new features in sketching, that assist user to create sketches faster and more reliably.



Learn more: Sketching