Data Management, G4-Flow



 Open, Check in and Close Models and Drawings

Open model directly from Flow

When you browse items with Flow's web browser, you can open the model or the drawing up the Vertex G4 program. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8089)

  • This works only if the item is associated with only one model or one drawing.

The viewed model can be reserved for editing

Now you can reserve a model in viewing mode for editing. If someone has, however, already made change the model, then the operation is not permitted. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8088)

Open => Model from Local Archive

No longer "Open => Model from local archive / Drawing from local archives" opens the models / drawings also from Flow. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8014)

  • Please note that these local archives are not intended to be used simultaneously with Flow. Local archives are used at an early stage when the Flow system is being introduced.



Remove the connections of model or drawings, when checking them in

 (Vertex-ID: MEC-8078)

The model opened for viewing is also removed from the hard drive when the viewing is finished

When the model or drawing is opened from Flow to be viewed, it saves itself to disk (e.g. C:\ temp folder). When the drawing is removed from software desktop, it will also be deleted from the disk. (Vertex-ID: MEC-4612)

The default classifications for models and drawings

When you make a new item and model in Vertex G4, the model or drawing will receive a default classification. For items, a classification is still selected the old way.(Vertex-ID: MEC-8074)


Other improvements to software

Move from G4 CAD product structure tree to the item data in Flow

Now you can look at item data from the CAD product structure tree. The "Item data" function opens the browser and shows the correct item. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8063)

Mark the object in the product structure tree, the feature tree and in the model or drawing

When a part or assembly is selected in any of the feature trees, it will always be marked also in the other above-mentioned locations. However, the function does not separately open the product structure tree branches. But if the branch is already open, the part of assembly is marked. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8062)

Save as new using old item

Sometimes you have an item structure in Flow and an assembly model in G4. You can connect them by using a function "Save as New". (Vertex-ID: MEC-8570)