The limitation on the maximum number of drawing elements has been removed

Problems related to the size of the 2D drawings has now been removed. This means that in practice the drawings can now have unlimited amounts lines, hatch, dimensions and texts. (Vertex-ID: VX-4544)

  • The old limits might have prevented reading of big AutoCAD drawings to Vertex.

Add a dimension to intersection points of lines, and the dimension is associated to the intersection point

Association between dimension and intersection point applies to 2D drawings and model drawing projections, but not the sketch. (Vertex-ID: MEC-7379)

  • A valid intersection point is on the line, polyline or closed polyline.
  • If you add the dimension to an intersection point of the arc or curve, there is no association with intersection point.

Center lines for circles

Center lines of the circle are generated now associatively to the circle. If you change the size of the circle, the center lines change as well. If you drag the circle, the center lines follow. Note, that you can still draw a circle without the center lines. (Vertex-ID: MEC-7385)



Mini Toolbar will reappear when the cursor is left in place into Arc with three points

Arc by three points can be drawn with or without a tangential arc. (Vertex-ID: MEC-7446)

In the 2D drawing or sketch a Mini-Toolbar can be used to adjust either display method is used.

Now the mini-toolbar appears again above operations, if the cursor is left in place.

  • This mini-Toolbar re-appearance is not included in the "Windows-standards", so it is not included to the other function with mini-Toolbar.

Properties of Quick section in the Section View

Set an accurate cut for pipes and profiles by using "Quick section" cut.

In the assembly drawing, the properties of "the Quick section" made profiles and pipes unavailable for dimensioning. Now with an additional setting they are valid for dimensioning. (Vertex-ID: PLANT-2392)

In the Vertex Setting (File => Preferences => Edit => Administrator's View) has keyword sectionview_pipes_and_profiles 

  • The default value is zero (0) when the high-speed cutting works as before.
  • With value 1 quick section works in such way that the profiles and pipes are cut accurately if they are on the border of cutting area.

You can add a Gravity Center to the drawing

If the model’s mass has been calculated, you can add a Gravity Center mark to the drawing’s projection. You can find Gravity Center checkbox in projection properties(Vertex-ID: MEC-8465)

You can also draw your own Gravity Center mark:

  • Copy the drawing system\macros\GravityCenter.vxp to directory  custom\\macros\GravityCenter.vxp
  • Draw the character in the scale of 1:1 and save the file.
  • Please note that the drawing's origin is the center of the Gravity Center.
  • Start the software again.



Drawing lines by entering the dimensions is easier than ever

When you draw lines by entering the dimensions of the lines, you may have noticed that the last point coordinates does not stay as a relative origo, when you change the line functions. For example from the "Two-point line" to the "Circle with center and radius point". (Vertex-ID: MEC-8494)

  • Now changing the function no longer changes the relative coordinates.
  • You can enter the starting point of a new line or the center of the circle directly after you change the line tool relative to the last point of the previous line. There is no need to reset the relative origin with shortcut key Q to the previous line end point.

Increasing the number in the text, you can now decide, which number is growing 

Increasing the number with Adding Text has been useful function of Vertex for a long time. Now you can decide which number is growing. (Vertex-ID: ED-2124)

  • Please keep in mind that the number may decrease with negative numerical values.

Now you can reset the part numbers in "Parts list" dialog

If the structure of an assembly changes a lot and the part numbering is re-done,  you can erase the old part numbers from Part-column by "Clear" -button. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8561)


  • Note: If you have a modified file partno, that is, the file can be found in folder custom/forms, the feature does not take effect.

In this case, the file must be either removed or edited, See the example of a  file: system/sysprogs/partno



Symbols and characters according to GPS standards

Adding the Surface Markers is more simple than before

The Surface Markers are now in accordance with standard ISO 1302. Parameter selection is illustrated as preview.(Vertex-ID: MEC-8417)

You can add Surface imperfection mark

Standard ISO 8785 defines the permitted amount of surface imperfections.

The Marks used in combination with the Surface Marks to report that the quality of the surface can not be measured and split surface defects, if the number of surface defects is less than the allowed number. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8418)

Add type attributes to dimensions

Now you can add new specifying attributes to dimensions. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8440) 



Define a dimension as TED-dimension

Theoretically exact dimension (= TED) is used to position the geometrical elements or base elements.

This is shown in the box around dimensions. (Vertex ID: MEC-8443)

The box is made by modifying the dimension:

  • The first tick creates the box area
    The second tick ends the box area
  • Note: You should put a space before and after the dimension.


Define moved tolerance area

Moved tolerance area is shown by a P with a circle. (Vertex ID: MEC-8453)

Edit the dimension, press additional mark and pick the P mark.