Model Projections



Manage projections with the new Ribbon tab

 (Vertex-ID: VX-4600)

Open the Projection tab 

  • When the Drawing of model is opened, then "Drawing" tab is active and next to it is the "Projection" tab.
  • When you select a drawing of the projection, then "Projection" tab is activated.



Left side: Drawing properties

You can easily the handle whole drawing for

  • Scale
  • Draft settings.

Center: Projection properties

You can handle properties of the selected projection. You can adjust

  • Scale
  • Drawing mode
  • Representation
  • Tangential lines style.
  • Projection rotation angle

Right side: Miscellaneous tools 

Projection tools. The same functions can be found with right-clicking a projection (from context menu)


Project new views from an existing projection

Making the projection next to the old projection is easy

Once you have selected the projection, you can make a new projection indicated by the arrow direction of viewing, click the arrow (1)

The new projection appear in the right side of a projection (Depending on the setting: an European or an American style). You can drag the projection to a better location (2) or cancel the function. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8166)

Copy projections to other drawings maintaining projection associativity to the model

You can make a new project "Copy - Paste" (Ctrl C - Ctrl V) function either in the same drawing, to a drawing of another model or to an independent 2D drawing. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8376)

  • A copy is now associative to the model, unlike in the previous versions.
  •  If the project is cut, the copied projection appears uncut. 
  • Do not copy detail- or section views.