Part Modeling




Sketch lines can be dragged directly in part models

You can drag the lines of the sketch (within the limits of the constraints) without going to modify the sketch(Vertex-ID: MEC-6756)

  • You can directly catch up the line of a sketch and try to drag it. Features do not need to be selected first.
  • If the sketch is fully defined, you can not drag it.
  • Note, that also previously you have been able to edit the dimensions of a skecth  without entering the edit-mode of the sketch.

Add copies of a library feature when sketching

Add all similar features to one surface at once. After adding a library feature, select a context-sensitive menu function Add a copy and locate the copies to their positions. Finish the function with a context-sensitive menu function Exit or confirm function. (Vertex-ID: MEC-7337

  • The fixing of a feature can be done with constraints for example.

 Please note: If you create a pattern using the feature later, you can choose whether to include only the first feature or also it's copies in the pattern.

The spiral can be modeled without the auxiliary surface

Spiral modeling needs now only one reference line. (Also, previous surface: Round flat surface, cylindrical or conical surface still works ). (Vertex-ID: MEC-8086)

You can now create spirals with different pitch in both ends.



Shelling can be interrupted by Esc  key

If you enter such a value (too large thickness) to shelling tool, which is not possible for a model, the program may use too long time before it informs the situation. Now you can interrupt the function by pressing the Esc key. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8454)

Mass is now displayed in a model tree

When you calculate a model weight, the program stops at "Mass Calculation " dialog box, from which data can be copied to the clipboard. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8421)

Gravity Center symbol appears in the assembly tree .

  • The "Gravity Center" text is displayed in red when the calculated mass is not up to date. (You can update the value using F5 key or "Solve" function.
  • The symbol will allow you to zoom in to the Gravity Center mark.
  • Note: The Gravity Center mark can be displayed by the G-key, like another Reference Geometry.


Temporary part transparency

Tranparency function in Part tab switches now only temporary transparency, and does not set permanent transparency to a part. (Vertex-ID: MEC-7825) 

If transparency is set on,

  • and the point- or line-search is selected from the tool strip, points or lines can be selected through the surfaces.
  • in the Sketching-mode, when you add a line, the cursor is searching for points also through surfaces

Note: Permanent transparency is still set in Rendering tab by the "OpenGL transparency" or via the context-sensitive menu.



Locked cursor direction

When you draw the line 3D sketch, cursor position is now better than before. The improvement applies to both the locked line and drawing in the locked plane. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8148)