Sheet Metal




Sheet metal part material can be selected from Flow

The material can be added from Flow to sheet-metal part in the following ways. At the same time, it also sets the sheet metal thickness: (Vertex-ID: MEC-6448)

  • When you are extruding a thin feature in sheet metal part (Material => Select).
  • When you change a part to a sheet metal design with tangential offset function.
  • Sheet metal properties (properties of part).
  • Dragging the item with G4 browser on the part model.

The blank plate dimensions of a sheet metal part without bending are now automatically included in drawing's part list

No more need to pick up flatten sheet projection from your drawing, or to take care of formulas in "Preform" field in order to get the blank plate dimensions in part list. At the same time the program will calculate the blank area and adds it to "Amount" field. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8468)

  • For a bent sheet, you still have to insert flattened view to the drawing.
  • After you pick up Item Data, you must clear the "Preform" field if the field has something like "3x" in it.