User Interface and Auxiliary Functions



General functionality improvements

Switch windows by Ctrl + Tab keyboard combination

Changing between windows with Windows standard keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Tab" is more illustrative than before. (Vertex-ID:  VX-4604)

Visible Reference Geometry  and the selection of Reference Geometry 

Now seeing Reference Geometry (Plane, 3D Sketch, Guide line and Cross Section) depends only on settings  "Show Reference Geometry (shortcut key G)" (Vertex-ID: MEC-8482, MEC-8757)

  • If Reference Geometry is not visible, it can not be selected.
  • If the model is a wireframe model, the Reference Geometry is shown at all times and can also be selected.



Improve focusing to right window when using mouse wheel

When scrolling mouse wheel, it should affect the window where the cursor is. (Vertex-ID: VX-4591)

Zoom to part in assembly using  Z-key

Select the part or sub assembly either from the model window or assembly tree and press Z, which now zooms to the selected part. The function was previously found only in "Other Functions => Zoom"

Please keep in mind,  if you hold down the Alt key during selection, a  sub assembly is selected instead of a part. 

Zoom and rotate the model in remote desktop applications

Zooming, panning and rotating the model now works better in a remote desktop application, such as Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix etc. (Vertex-ID: VX-4581)



Use H key to hide objects

Sometimes there is a need to hide parts in the assembly. (Vertex-ID: VX-4851)

You can hide a part with H key without interrupting the actual function.

  • Please note: If you use hiding function in the middle of such a function that requires selecting parts, the H key hides the selected parts.

Decide whether to select sub-assembly parts of main assembly or parts of other sub-assemblies 

If the switch is active, the parts that are not included in the selected sub-assembly will not be selected, even if you use the area selection. (Vertex-ID: PLANT-2345)

  • This improves handling of for example major plant models, where previously was possible to select among all parts in the model

You can snap to line midpoints in few functions 

Snap easily to line midpoints when moving or copying components or parts in an assembly.  (Vertex-ID: PLANT-2190)

  • This function does not add constraints.  


New On / Off control preferences

Find the settings in: "File > Preferences > Drawings, Models". The page has   two tabs..

Tip displayed in 'Verify Distance' function

"Verify Distance" function still does not show the radius or diameter of the cylinder surfaces, but if the option "Show Geometry Tip in Cursor" in settings is activated, the tip text is displayed during the "Verify Distance" operation and the tip tells the radius of cylinder surfaces. (Vertex-ID: MEC-8084)



Dragging of parts can be prevented from settings

Dragging of assembly parts can be prevented from "Usage > Model > Move part in assembly by dragging" (Vertex-ID: PLANT-2220)

2D-drawing Properties tab is selected on top or in the background

If you want that the "Properties" tab activates immediately when you add the drawing elements (lines, dimensions, conditions, patterns, texts or symbols), select "Usage > Drawing > Open 2D features automatically" (Vertex-ID:  VX-4692)

  • When you have finished adding elements by the "Esc" key, the "Design" tab is activated

Delay-setting with pipeline drag

While creating pipelines, end of the pipe jumps quickly from place to place based on the location of the cursor. This instability can be removed by adding a delay. "Usage > Common > Reference Cursor Delay on Model [ms]". (Vertex-ID: VX-4720, VX-4721)