What's New in Vertex G4 2018

Speed Up the Editing of Models

Flow brings fluency when working in decentralized design workgroups

Introducing a new MG (minimized geometry) 
modeling method

Open the assembly without any geometry first. Choose the sub-assembly for editing. Assembly tree and thumbnails make the selecting easy. Expand the design area by setting the surrounding geometry visible.

There is no more need to wait for big assemblies to open.

Speed up by using cache

Open components and assemblies from the server for viewing or editing.

When you need them again, you get them faster from your own workstation.

The intelligent cache in Flow ensures that you always have the latest revision available to you without extra work.

Select which models to update

The software illustrates the changed models and sub-assemblies in the feature tree.

You can decide which parts of your design you refresh.

New Sheet Metal Experience

Easier to learn. Faster to use.

Extended AutoCAD compatibility

Co-operation with your design partner is easier.

Your drawings look the same in Vertex and AutoCAD.

Find. Pin. Apply.

Several archive and library windows are available for you simultaneously.

Attach a pin to the search browsers and place them where you want on the screen. This is practical for example if you use several monitors.