Data Management G4-Flow 2019

Light models

Save a model as a lightweight file to another file format

The model can also be stored as a lightweight model using SAT or STEP file format, either with the Export function or while the model is checked in to Flow.

  • Note that the lightweight model file must be selected so you can choose a light Step or Sat format.
  • STEP and SAT conversions require that you have a license for their conversions in the Flow.

Save an assembly model with light models to another file format

Saving a assembly model in the SAT, STEP, IGES, IFC and 3D PDF formats now takes into account the sub-assemblies that are lightweight models as they are, always as part models.

  • Earlier the lightweight models were completely removed when a model was converted to SAT, STEP or IGS file formats.

Make a lightweight model with Vertex Flow

If you create light model file while check in, the created lightweight model is simpler than earlier. Now, only the visible surfaces of the view remain in the model. The end result is a part model with only the outer shells of the model.

  • The model can be either an assembly or a part.
  • There is no BOM information about an assembly.
  • Previously, if one surface was visible on one part, all of part's surfaces remained in the lightweight model.
  • Now the hidden surfaces will be removed even if they are member of the visible part.
  • Like before, you can also reduce the amount of remaining surfaces by changing the part / surface minimum size. To make this feature available, set the "layoutsavesizelimit" keyword in the set values to size of surface.
    • The keyword is 0 = The model is viewed in six directions.
    • The keyword is 1 = The model is viewed in 18 directions (See the picture - The directions of the yellow arrows are included).
  • When you add a model to your assembly, you can decide whether to add it as a lightweight or normal model.

Views of Flow

Choose one View when you create a new item, model or drawing

If Views are enabled in Flow (feature of version 2019), then you can attach an item and a model or a drawing to one View immediately at the stage of creation.

  • In Flow, you can connect the document to other Views.

Visibility of Views section when checking in to Flow

If Views are enabled in Flow (feature of version 2019), then they are also available in Vertex G4 at Check In.

  • Within Check in to Flow, you can connect the item and document into one view only.
  • In Flow, you can connect the document to other Views.