What's New in Vertex G4 2021

Power for positioning parts under reference constraints

Position the part while adding it to the assembly.

If you have added preselected constraints to the parts, then you can place the part in the right place in the assembly right away without separate additions to the conditions.

Experience the benefits of a new renderer

Working with large models (rotating and zooming) is over 10x faster than before.

Totally new and effective shading technology, striking visualizations and faster rotation of large 3D- models.

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Opening a large model is approximately 2x faster than before.

The redesigned 3D data structure enables more efficient use of main memory and video card resources.

Take advantage of full capacity of your video card

Rotation speed scalability between graphics cards up to 10x better.

The new graphics engine uses the features of the graphics card much more efficiently in the calculation, so now you can get the most out of the benefits of a more powerful graphics card.

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How to get the latest version?

Vertex upgrades are free of charge for everyone actively participating in our Support and Maintenance program.

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