User Interface 2021

  Fin: Käyttöliittymä 2021

These reforms are presented in the Vertex CAD major version 27.0.00 (vx. 2021)


Save the object directly to the desired favorite folder

After selecting a browser object, the contextual menu Add to Favorites function opens. If you have made your own folders as favorites, these folders will now appear in the submenu and you can transfer the object directly to the desired folder.

Earlier you could drag an object directly to the desired folder, but with the contextual menu, the object has been moved directly under the Favorites folder.

Perform custom searches for the project based on the object type

You can search either models or drawings within the project. Earlier, you always got both models and drawings in general search.


The comment dialog contains multiple lines

Earlier you have been able to add comments to features of part and to part of assembly. Now you can add multiple lines of text instead of the previous single-line dialog.

  • You can edit and view a comment with the context-sensitive Comment (formerly Add Comment).


  • To add a comment to a part, select a feature and contextual function: Comment.
  • In an assembly, select the part and the contextual function Other Functions > Comment.
  • You can also see a comment by moving the cursor over a part or feature in a feature tree.

Adjust zoom mode, centering zoom or not

Scroll zoom has traditionally first moved the cursor to the center of the graphics window and then zoomed in the desired direction. This has reduced the need for a separate panning.

However, if you want the zoom to work without this centering, select the setting off.

  • File > User Preferences > Drawings, Models > Usage-tab > Centering Zoom.