What's New in Vertex G4 2022

 Fin: Mitä uutta Vertex G4 2022

These improvements have been introduced in Vertex G4 28.0.00 (VX 2022)

Operating system requirements

Vertex Cad  programs (e.g. Vertex G4, Vertex G4 Plant) don't start, unless the operating system is at least Microsoft Windows 8 or corresponding server operating system Windows Server 2012)

  • Recommended operating system is Windows 10 with latest updates
  • Windows 7 operating system is not supported with Vertex G4 28.0.00 (Vertex 2022) and the application will not start on it.

Use Artificial Intelligence While Placing Constraints

AI greatly improves the time required to add constraints in an assebly.

You don't have to use time to select a suitable constraint, but merely select the elements you want to bind.

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Dimension Table Revised for Better Usability

Locate and manage variables easier that before.

Give descriptions for variables, so you can figure out what is they functionality in a larger assembly

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Easily See the Health Status of a Model

Figure out the geometrical problems and errors

The new tools let's you analyze the model structure easily and it gives you a detailed report of all the parts in the assembly. Works for a single part as well!

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Take Drawing Sheets According to ISO 7200 Into Use

Make use of the revised drawing sheets

You can use the new drawing sheet as basis, when you craeate you own sheets

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How to get the latest version?

Vertex upgrades are free of charge for everyone actively participating in our Support and Maintenance program.

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