What's New in Vertex G4Plant 2017

Piping Design

Pipe-design with guidance and effective tools.

Pipe components' compatibility, for example, female thread / male thread, is checked during the pipeline routing. Parts are automatically rotated to the correct position on the basis of the ends of the connection types. Component orientation can also be easily rotated using 'Change pipe component type or size' function . Pipeline selection for modifications can be done by selecting one part of the pipeline and then the action.





Flexibility in B.O.M

B.O.M lists with desired contents and form

You can print lists of parts easily in adjustable format. You can also adjust the contents of the parts list, make your choice eather having cutting lists or sum-lists. Parts lists can be saved as new versions and the contents of new lists can be compared with older ones.



 Documents from Model into Production

New effiency in drawing generation

Extra parts for drawings. Better placing of texts in automatic annotation (line- and device position texts). SHORT -> LONG?



 PI-Schematics and Flow

Seamless knowledge transmission

Add new fields for device cards into Flow. Compare process data with 3D- model. Easily replace PI- Schematic symbols in drawing.