What's New in Vertex G4Plant 2018

Global designing and effective handling of large models

Effiency for global document management with Vertex Flow

You can now upload the main model as an empty assembly and activate only the needed subassemblies. (Flow user interface)

The program higlights those subassemblies and subparts, which have been modified. You can now update only those models, which reguire update. This function is very handy, when you are handling "plant size" models. The program can still function with the old setups without this new function.

Comprehensive and updated libraries

New components and pipeclasses

Latest PSK based pipeclasses added. More equipments.

2D drafting and DWG compatibility

Vertex shows and uses the layers from the DWG drawings

Vertex shows the layers from the DWG drawing as they are. You can add geometry to these layers in Vertex and convert your drawing back to DWG format, which includes now your added geometry.

You can permanently replace the layer system from the DWG drawing with the layer system from Vertex.

Vertex supports the line types from the DWG drawings

Users and sofware developers may have created line types, which neither Vertex nor AutoDesk's products don't support.

The program now transfers continuos, dashed and dotted lines between Vertex and DWG.

The program can transfer also pattern lines like zigzag and wawy lines, if the font file shx is delivered with the DWG drawing.

Vertex supports the fonts (text styles) from the DWG drawings

Both Vertex and Autodesk's products use the fonts from Windows. Both systems also have own fonts due to histrocail reasons.

Vertex can now handle all font types between DWG and vxp drawings as long as you have downloaded these fonts to your workstation.