What's New in Vertex G4Plant 2019

Limit and handle flexible several point clouds at once

Point cloud functions are quickly available in their own page.

You can import several point clouds straight into assembly at once. When needed, you can also limit or thin down them. 

Combine point clouds in assembly tree and export as new file.

Lighter models and high-powered document management using Vertex Flow

It is now possible to produce even lighter models where all the invisible surfaces are removed.

With Flow, lightweight models can also be automatically saved in Step and Sat format.

You can customize Flow browser views for models, drawings, documents, and other object types. Documents can be easily accessed by their location or other id.

Pressure drop calculations for 3D- pipeline models

You can now perform pressure loss calculations for pipelines in the 3D model.

New video making tool for auditing and guiding

You can save video from Vertex program with a fast-launch video tool.

How to get the latest version?

Vertex upgrades are free of charge for everyone actively participating in our Support and Maintenance program.

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