How to improve customer experience digitally in selling kitchens?

Selling and buying kitchens is in a turning point. A great customer experience is the only way for kitchen manufacturers to stand out in tough competition. Typically, there is a great need for the end user to obtain the right information as fast as possible even from home by using mobile platforms. The end user selects the supplier preliminary in the web and may get easily frustrated if the sales person in the retail shop starts with the basic questions all over again, without knowing the customer’s preferences. By following the customer’s digital footprint, the kitchen manufacturer should achieve a wow effect by reacting immediately the customer’s inquiries for different materials and layout alternatives. In this blog I describe how this can be possible.

Sharing the kitchen 3D model in the web is the most modern and observative way to improve the competitiveness of kitchen retail stores. If the interests of the client are recorded by the web service and then utilised in the retail shop by the design software, there should not be any obstacles to charm the client and create a great customer experience. After negotiation, the customised kitchen alternatives are transferred from the design software to the web service by a push of a button. The customer can immerse to his dreams and feel the room, the colours, the dimensions with VR-glasses and choose the most appealing options from the material selection.


The active dialogue between the sales person and the customer takes place in real time. The customer can ask for more customisation and the sales person can react to them right away. The customer gets the best solution for the purpose with great service and the sales person can make the final offer and close the deal.

Using virtual reality glasses gives also the opportunity to diminish the amount of mock up units in the store.

The customised kitchen layouts can be added to the virtual gallery and shared in social media.