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Models may include two types of animations:

  • Vertex G4 models may include explosion animations.
  • Vertex InD models may include door opening/closing animations.

Explosion animations

Show animation

Click the  Explode tools  button or press  to open the animation controls.

Opening the animation controls hides all the other controls from the top of the screen to ensure a larger view area for the animation itself.

Note: If the model does not include an explosion animation, the  button is disabled.

Play / Pause  

Click thebutton or press to start the animation.

To pause the animation, click the button or press .

You can step forward and backward in the animation's key frames by clicking the and buttons.

You can jump quickly to any point in the animation by dragging the slider  to the desired point.

Playback modes

Explode animations have five different playback modes: 

  • Normal playback forward and backward  play the animation once and then stop.
  • Continuous  and continuous backwards  start the animation automatically again from the start.
  • Back and forth playback  automatically starts the playback backwards after reaching the end and vice versa at the start.

Click the button  to switch the mode.

Playback speed 

You can adjust the playback speed with speed slider .  Toggle the slider by clicking the  button.

Door opening/closing animations

Push / Pull  

To open a door in the model, move the cursor over the door, right-click and select  Push / Pull . Close the door in the same way.

Note: The button is only visible on objects with kinematics data.